Why Apple succeeded in the tablet market and Microsoft failed

‘Within five years tablet PC:s will be the most popular form of PC sold in America.’

Bill Gates, Microsoft, in 2001.

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Reasons for the iPad’s success – abandoning the restrictive paper and pen -metaphor

This is the first subchapter of my research paper. In it I argue that it was the choice to abandon the pen and paper -metaphor in tablet interface design which fundamentally drove the success of Apple’s iPad. Continue reading

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One billion tablet devices sold within the next three years?

Could as many as one billion tablet devices be sold within the next three years?

An absurd notion, you say? Maybe, but a recent survey says things might not be that simple.
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iPad 2 and the end of the lean-back narrative

As you all know, the iPad 2 was announced yesterday by Steve Jobs.

The announcement has been already widely analyzed.

I think Apple has taken moves in just the right direction, demolishing two narratives which have been often repeated in the debate around the iPad and particularly publishing on the iPad.
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Forget iPad 2, here’s the iPad 3 – or that’s the rumor

While Apple fanboys round the world have been whetting their appetites for the last weeks on iPad 2 rumours, John Gruber of Daring Fireball drops the… well, fireball I guess. iPad 3, out next fall.

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Logistics of money, or the crisis of in-app subscriptions

The publishing world, which so openly welcomed the iPad last year as a new and promising way to monetize digital content, is still reeling from the recent revelation that Apple’s rules about buying and subscribing to content within applications might become tighter.
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The Daily on the web

Outside the US and not able to read The Daily?

Check this website which gives you all the content on The Daily website, neatly organised.

The Daily: Indexed.

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How many iPads will be sold in 2011?

How many iPads will be sold in 2011? That is the question.

Let’s first look at how the new device did in it’s first year. Boosted by very strong Christmas sales, Apple sold 14,8 million iPads last year. The device was released in April, so this figure represents the sales for nine months.

Most of the analysts seriously underrated the 2010 sales in their estimates.

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Why the iPad?

I am a journalist and I believe in the iPad.

Of course I don’t believe the iPad or any other device could save the newspaper industry or the magazine industry – probably nobody does anymore.

Time moves so fast, in the media technology business.

But unlikely many others, I haven’t given into cynicism. I do believe that tablet computers have at least the potential to become one of our main means of media consumption.

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